Sunday, November 21, 2010

Baby Quilt, Changing Pad and Soft Burpie. Michael Miller Pretty Bird Fabrics

Cousin Kim asked me a couple of months ago to make a baby quilt for her co-worker.  I was excited to hear that she wanted oranges and periwinkles instead of the traditional baby girl pastels.  After much searching at online fabric sites I came up with Michael Miller's Pretty Bird Line.  Stitchesngiggles4u on Etsy was where I made my fabric purchase.  She now has her own online store called  It was perfect for the color scheme Kim was wanting.  I then sent her some quilt pattern's to choose from and she decided to let me make the decision and surprise her.  I went with circles.  All the "bird circles" are lined up in the same direction so if this quilt ends up on the wall it will look good!
The baby quilt measures forty inches square and has the orange bloomies for the backing...
and of course I used free motion quilting because it is my favorite quilting technique.  I had a some trouble with using white thread on the front and orange thread on the back.  Often the orange thread was showing on the front in "tiny dots".   I'll have to figure out a different solution for this problem somehow.
After getting the baby quilt completed I had enough fabric scraps left over to make a quilted changing pad.  These are great to keep on the back of the couch so you don't have to run to the changing table or to roll up and tuck in the diaper bag for changes on the go.  It measures 24" X 21"......
I used a thick solid green cotton for the backing and put a stripe of color across the middle....
Everything was binded with a coordinating striped fabric that I love......
And I saved enough fabric to make one soft burpie.  There is white minky stripe on the back.  These are great to fold up small to fit in a pocket or purse.....
I'm really pleased with how this project turned out and can't wait to get it to Kim so she can pass it on to the new mom!


  1. Absolutely beautiful! You have a wonderful talent!


  2. So gorgeous! What an amazing gift!! And your corners on your binding are just perfect. I still have not been able to master that...

  3. This is beautiful! What an amazing job you did!! AWESOME!!

  4. I love the bright colours, really vibrant. Great work!

  5. Oh wow, those colors make me smile!! And thank you for the ideas, my sis in law is two weeks from being due and these would make wonderful gifts to the new family!

  6. Wow - what beautiful quilts!!

    Happy Fabric Tuesday.

  7. So cute! Nice work!!

    Jennifer :)

  8. Ok, what cute projects! Thanks for linking up to Quiltstory!