Monday, December 27, 2010

Moments That Take Your Breath Away

Last Tuesday, Katie and I headed to Texas.  It was time for Christmas 2010, part 2.    Visiting hours at the hospital ended at 9 pm and we were racing against the clock.  We made the trip in 7.5 hours and it was 8:50 when we pulled into the parking lot.  We had made it.  Made it in time to see grandma.  Made in time to embrace her ever so carefully and place gentle kisses across her cheeks and forehead.

Laying on her chest was a mermaid doll.  Great granddaughter Lyndsey, is wise for her age of eight years old.  She wanted to share her favorite doll with her grammy, she wanted the mermaid doll to bring the same comfort to grammy that she received from it.   Great Aunt Judy fixed up Lyndsey and the doll with matching hairdos before she made her trip to the hospital with her treasured possession.   Grammy promised her that she would keep the doll close to her........
and she did!  This little doll either stayed laying on grandma's chest or tucked in tightly next to the side of her in the bed.  One of the first things Lyndsey asked me after she knew I had been at the hospital was had I seen her doll and was it with grammy.  I assured her that the mermaid doll was being lovingly held by grandma and it was bringing her comfort.

Before grandma could be released from the hospital she had to get out of the bed and practice her walking skills.  She cinched it!  After being down for 7 days, she had no problem walking the unit in the hospital.  Her patient care aid was very impressed with her speed and coordination.  We sat back and grinned knowing way more about grandma's  perseverance than he did!

After getting home, Lyndsey girl was one of the first ones to snuggle up against her grammy!  We are slowing down our pace so we don't miss any of the parts of life's journey because some moments do take our breath away.

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