Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Darling Patricia

Last night we were gathered around the dining room table until after one in the morning.  Working on arrangements and reminiscing with pappaw.  He started talking about music and we pulled up my blog post from yesterday to show him and then he wanted to hear Perry Como sing Patricia.  He said while he was in the Navy, he and grandma were not quite engaged, they were dating and writing back and forth daily.  Wake up call in the barracks was a radio station that was played over the intercom system.  The station played the top ten songs and Patricia would come on and be blaring through the barracks.  Pappaw said, "My Patricia was already on my mind and there's that song blaring through the barracks!"  When he could get together with her he would try to sing it to her but mostly just whispered the words of the song in her ear.  Smooth moves our pappaw had back in the day!  And a new story for us to cherish.  Go to Youtube to hear the song.

Pappaw also wanted to hear When You and I Were Young Maggie.  Last night as Judy was searching for it on Youtube, pappaw quietly sang the lyrics of this Irish melody that he says is the saddest song.  After Judy found an A Cappella rendition of it, she sang along with video as the words were on the screen.  Judy's beautiful soprano voice filled the room as we listened with pappaw.  Go to Youtube to listen to the song.

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