Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sunday Bible Class

The day after Grandma's memorial was Sunday.  Sunday meant bible class.  Grandma and Pappaw have taught their bible classes for many, many years.  But this past Sunday, was Pappaw's first time to teach his bible class without Grandma.  He insisted on going.  He insisted on staying in his routine, teaching his bible class and then attending worship service.
Patti, John, Caleb, Russell, Judy and myself accompanied him for his "first" bible class.  I think he found it reassuring to look into the audience and seeing some family members.  As he kept his handkerchief sitting on top of his podium he spoke of the changes in his life during the past week and asked those in the room with him to not stare at him if he started "blubbering". He taught his class with poise and instructed us to watch for opportunities to do good.
Pappaw also requested that "no one laugh at this old man when you see him checking the Nursery".  I suggested to him that he go into grandma's nursery class, sit down in a rocking chair and take it all in.  Take a deep breath and look around at the wonder of the room......
Look at the walls and see the legacy grandma left.  Look at the paintings showing that this was Teacher Pat's Nursery Class.  And the tree on the wall......
and his and grandma's initials "carved" into the tree.  Teacher Pat and Pappaw Buddy.
Pappaw has lots of adjustments in the coming months.  I know his church family will be there for him and help him get through his lonely times of being at church without grandma by his side.  I feel confident that his church family will take turns sitting by him through worship service and if they do see him walking up to the nursery room door and peering into the room, they will invite him to come inside and sit for a spell!

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