Tuesday, January 25, 2011

We Know Where Love Lives

Patricia Ann testimonies, Part 1:

Patricia Ann's memorial was this past Saturday.  It was a true memorial, a celebration of her life.  She told those with her during her last couple of days that she did not want any preaching at her service.  She wanted people to talk about her and she jokingly said "if no one has anything nice to say, then after five minutes shut it down and send everyone home!" 
Her memorial was two and one half hours full of loving testimonies giving by her children and grandchildren.  I'm sure there was not a dry eye in the building!  The A Capella singing of her and pappaw's favorite church hymns was glorious and Judy's solo of the Irish ballad, When You And I Were Young Maggie had those present in awe of her beautiful soprano voice that filled the auditorium.
A recording was made of the service and after I receive my copy I will share some of the testimonies from family members. 
Years ago, when my great aunt passed away, my cousin wrote a tribute to her based off of Hal Ketchum's song, I Know Where Love Lives.  I based my testimony off of that same song.  My nephew Jacob, who is a student at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, was gracious enough to read my writing for me.  He read it eloquently for me and put all the feeling into it as I would have.  Thank you Jacob.


We know where love lives.

It's in Pat's house. "It's a little old, it's a little run down, full of laughter and tears and toys, crazy things only love enjoys. It's in the arms of love that true treasures lie." We saw it every time we were around Pat. We watched the walls in her home slowly build up with pictures of her family. As the grandchildren multiplied and then the great-grandchildren, the walls became more and more crowded with picture frames or just pictures printed out of emails and taped to the wall. Gifts were never discarded, everything was cherished and had a spot in her home.

We know where love lives.

At Thanksgiving and Christmas, if everyone could not come home, then those that could got filled in all the happenings of those who couldn't attend that year. She kept us up to date on each other and that way, she kept us together. She was a pleaser. One of her favorite things to do when anyone of us came into town was to make sure our favorites were made and on the stove and counter. If you were in Pat’s house, you were well fed. Her gift of hospitality to friends and strangers, church members and neighbors was large and undiscriminating. Everything was homemade from scratch, her pizza, egg rolls, hot rolls, pie crust, on and on. She was the most unselfish person to be around. Some people talk about helping others and she lived it each and every day she was alive. We all have items that were made by her. It might be a Halloween costume, a Christmas nightgown, a pair of cowboy pajamas, a wedding dress or a blanket that keeps us warm at night.

We know where love lives.

She lived her faith. In Pat’s house you went to church three times a week. If the doors were open, she was there. If they were out of town and it was time for service, she was finding the closest place to go. Along with her family, fellow church members called her a saint. She was exceptionally meek, charitable, patient and loving. Nursery class will never be the same without Teacher Pat in it. She was the best baby teacher.

We know where love lives.

Pat loved children. They gravitated to her. She organized and ran her Tuesday Thursday pre-school for 23 years. Buddy says her secret was repetition. The number of pre-school children she has shuttled to the Worm Farm and McDonalds for field trips is immeasurable. All wearing red vest that she made with the name of the pre-school and its phone number hand written on them. Everyone who went to her church and her pre-school has many memories of saving their plastic gallon milk cartons so she could make the dozens of "Easter Bunny" baskets.

We know where love lives.

In Pat’s world, it was hard to do wrong. She defended all her family. Though each of us made plenty of mistakes, she was always there to stand up for that family member and defend them. She was the first to forgive and forget.

We know where love lives.

In Pat’s house, you love your husband, above all things on Earth. She started dating Buddy when she was 14 ½ . Their first date was New’s Year Eve 1950 and they went to a movie. But before that, he would wink at her on the school bus when she got on. She was always getting asked why she was blushing, eventually Buddy started saving her a seat and the romance blossomed. She converted him to her faith and years later he became an elder, leading their family and their church with their great examples.

We know where love lives.

We saw it last while caring for her during her final hours. Where the man she loved, held her hand or laid his head on her pillow and consoled her, talking sweetly to her and encouraging her. His hope that she would recover is now replaced with certainty that she lives forever and now waits for us. Even as she was preparing to leave this Earth and move on to her eternal home, she had moments where she would have to tell us what was heavy on her heart and make sure we took care of her concerns. She's always worried about everyone else.

We know where love lives.

Hal Ketchum wrote in a song:

"There's a house on the edge of town,

It's a little old, it's a little run down,

Full of laughter and tears and toys,

Crazy things only love enjoys.

I know where love lives.

I know where love lives.

You can keep all that your fortune brings,

All your fancy words, all your precious things.

No matter what all your money buys,

It's in the arms of love

That true treasure lies."

We know where love lives.

  You can go to Youtube and listen to Hal Ketchum's song.

After the memorial service some of the girls went through the flower arrangements and made their own bouquets......Below is Madison, Katie and Stephanie.....

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  1. Thats beautiful! My mother in law was diagnosed with lung cancer today. We don't know much information, but I am certainly hugging my girls more today. My prayers are continually with your family.