Friday, February 25, 2011

Baby Boy Order Completed Featuring Sneaker Fabric

Sister-in-law Luann called me a couple of weeks ago to place two orders for baby boy showers.  For one order she really wanted something that had running shoes on it since the mom loves to run.  I searched fabric stores and online at several locations and finally something popped up on Ebay that would work.  It was this blue cotton fabric with baby sneakers on it in colors of blue, green, red and pink (hopefully the new mom will over look the pink!).  I wish there would have been more than one yard available so I could have made a matching burp cloth to go with the blanket............but it didn't work out that way!
Here the are fabrics I chose for the four burp cloths Luann wanted to go along with the blanket....
And this is what my Bichon does when I try to work on my projects..............
He gets right in the middle of what I'm working on and picks a fight with me.........

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  1. CUTE! Those fabric choices are fabulous! Good warm blankets are always great gifts. Happy weekend. Thanks for coming by 504 Main. New follower here!