Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Progression Of A Snow Drift

We are smack dab in the middle of............ BLIZZARD TWENTY ELEVEN!  I like it when the weather predictions come true, and I'm safe in my house, and the electric and cable are still working.  The mayor has announced a state of emergency and the highways are closing down.  The snow is still come down strong and the wind gusts are up to 40.  The city plows have not made it to my cul-de-sac yet and I'm not leaving my garage until one of the local landscaping companies comes and plows my driveway.  Yes I said plow, not shovel.  Today I went to work for a couple of hours and decided I should get back home.  At 11 am this morning I started taking pictures out my front door to show the progression of a snow drift.  As of right now I'm guessing it's at least 4 feet tall.  I have two steps on my front porch, the snow is up to the top and Riley has a dilemma.  I've mostly taken him out through the garage or the back door, but he likes to go out on the front porch and explore.
I wonder what it will look like outside my front door tomorrow morning? 

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