Sunday, January 30, 2011

Patricia Ann Testimonies Part 8

Patricia Ann testimonies part 8
Final One

This is the final testimony I want to share from the other family members.  Adam was the last one to talk during the memorial service.  In his talk he shared a beautiful dream that he had.  I'm glad that I got these all documented in writing so some day when I get my blog turned into a book I will have these forever.

Their house has a presence to it, like churches, certain buildings, a person's spirit can take over something like that.  That was hers.  I always felt in that house, away from the world it was like an ark, a time capsule.  The world would be out there, and she'd be there inside.  I wouldn't think about anything else, I wouldn't be anywhere else.  I would just sit there in a chair and just be there with her in that prescence and I don't know where I'm going to get that from now.  I don't know how to replace it and I don't know where that is going to come from.  Like Pat (the minister) and everyone else has said, safe and secure, and that's what she was.  Nothing else mattered.  I use to always drive away from her house in my truck and always called her my big old tree because I had this dream five years ago where she was this big huge Christmas tree in this big huge desert and all those ornaments were us kids, her necklace, all the ornaments were her necklace wrapped around.  And we would fall one by one into the dirt and become plants.  And that desert wouldn't touch us and we stood grounded because she had the biggest roots in that dirt to keep us all planted, to keep us growing, to keep us in the shade from that nasty desert and nasty heat.  I never told her that.  I would just listen to her talk and stare at her face, her features and hum to myself, that's my big old tree.

I love Adam's dream.  It's just how grandma was.  Always nourishing her grand babies!

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