Saturday, May 14, 2011

She Radiated Love and Warmth

A lot can change in the course of one year.  It was one year ago from now that Katie was graduating from nursing school.  Grandma and Pappaw S made it to our house after surviving running their car off the highway near Big Cabin.  We rejoiced that they were not injured and we sat at our table that day laughing and retelling their story.  Grandma spent time on the phone with her Geico agent getting things worked out on their car.  We felt blessed that all was well.  But what none of us knew at the time was that there was a deadly cancer inside grandma and it was very vengeful.  Today I got an email from sister-in-law Patti where she shares a picture of grandma's headstone that DFW National Cemetery has now got put in place.
I wish that this headstone could have been 30 times this size so each of us could have written a personal sentiment on it.  I would have stated that she radiated love and warmth to all.  The definition of radiate is to send out rays or waves.  And that is what she did.  You stood in her presence and just listening to her talk and laugh or to watch her expressions, she was radiating love and warmth.  Today, one year later, grandma's oldest grandchild, Sheila, graduates from her own nursing school.  Sheila will miss her grandma not being there to help her celebrate this much anticipated day but she will still feel the love.  Those rays and waves will bounce from Heaven and touch Sheila. 

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