Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Chicago's China Town 2011

On our visit to Chicago this month, we had to make a visit to Chinatown.  I wanted Katie to experience the different culture and how Chicago has such a big community compared to our part of the country.  We took the yellow water taxi from downtown to Chinatown for $4 each.  It was a nice quiet ride where we could relax for a few minutes and look at the buildings along the water way.  We got off at the Chinatown dock that looked like this....
We had to navigate our way through some apartment buildings but eventually got to this section of Chinatown that looked fairly new......
We went in one of the markets and looked at all the items that were for sale.  There were dozens of plastic and glass containers selling roots and antlers and dried fish by the pound...

We then crossed over a busy street and entered the older part of Chinatown.  We visited another small grocery store where we did not take any pictures but they had a large tank full of huge bull frogs.  There was an attendant standing by the tank to make sure no one took pictures.
There were also many little trinket shops full of the traditional Chinese merchandise..
We took the El train to get back to downtown.

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