Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Chicago's Gino's East Pizzeria

On our visit to Chicago earlier this month, Gino's Pizza was on our to-do list.  The Pizzeria was on Superior and our hotel was on Ohio so it made for a quick walk the first day we got into town.  We came in on a Sunday and Gino's did not open until noon, but at 11:30 the line was starting to get long!  We timed it pretty good and only had about 15 people in front of us.
We got seated at the front window and could watch the crowd as we waited.  We were anxious to try these famous deep dish pizzas with their secret "cornbread like" ingredient crust.  We decided on a supreme with one half having pepperoni and the other half being sausage.  As we waited we took in all the sights inside the restaurant.  We knew this was the place where one could write their name on the wall (or the chair, or the railing), but we did not think to bring anything with us.  It looked like most people used a white paint pen or brought their own bottle of liquid white out.....
The pizza was huge and there was no way the three of us could finish it off......Katie and Judy were fans of it and I did not care for the crust or the sauce that much but was glad to experience Gino's Pizzeria!

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