Saturday, November 19, 2011

Rag Quilt Using Kumari Garden by Dena Designs

Today I finished my first rag quilt.  I had purchased some Dena Designs, Kumari Garden off Etsy a few months ago that would make the perfect baby rag quilt.  I also had some scraps of cream colored chenille that I used on the back of the quilt.  Here are the steps I took to create this small quilt:
Cut out 49 six inch squares for the front
Cut out 49 five inch flannel squares for the middle
Cut out 49 six inches squares for the backing
I did not have enough chenille for 49 squares so I used some of the Kumari Garden for the back pieces as well.......
The next step was to draw an X with a pencil on each top square.  The X is sewn one inch in from each corner so I made small pencil marks at the one inch spot that would catch my attention while sewing (pencil marks wash out)....
Here's how the squares looked while sewing......
All 49 squares completed...........
I then played with arrangement of the blocks on the floor.  Riley thought they were to play with too......
I should have made a trip to the fabric store and bought more cream chenille.  I had trouble with placement of the squares looking right on the back and well as the front, so the back has a funky pattern to it....
All seams were sewn at 1/2 inch and then clipped at 1/4 inch spacing.  This was the messiest quilt I've ever made!  With all the chenille falling everywhere and the threads and clippings it required a full vacuum of the living room and sewing area after I finished!  One quick run through the washer and dryer to puff up all those clippings and this is the end result.....
I love the rag look and the softness of this quilt !
I thought 49 squares at 6 inches each would make a good size baby quilt but it actually turned out fairly small.  So my next attempt at rag quilting, I will use larger squares or go with closer to 100 !
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  1. Hi from Kelly's Older Blogger linky!! Love the quilt too! Blessings! Love, ~Nana~

  2. I am impressed by anyone who can sew a quilt. Beautiful job!!

    We have a quilt that my husband's grandma (and friends) made for him in the early 60's and it is quite the treasure. I know you enjoy making treasures.

    Stopping by from Kelly's Korner . . .


  3. This is very pretty and looks like it is perfect to snuggle up under.

  4. I love the look of those frayed edges. One day I need to try this too. It's such a comfy looking quilt.:)

  5. What a fun & pretty quilt. I can definitely see wrapping this around me watching a movie with the kids. Notice I said around ME, not the baby or the kids?? lol

  6. Love the colors and the fluffiness of the quilt. This is the type of quilt I've been contemplating for my baby boy to be.

  7. did you use cotton or flannel fabric for the top?

  8. Kim...The top of the quilt is all cotton. Thanks!