Thursday, February 16, 2012

Be A Fire Fly Chaser

It's hard to believe that Luke is turning three years old in a few months.  Time has gone by quickly since his birth.  We went to visit Luke and the rest of his clan last weekend and I came home with these pictures.  Luke is still fascinated with lights.  He's had problems with his vision since he was born and has had several eye surgeries.  Bright and flashing lights are one of his favorite things.  I saw a t-shirt on another blog for Downs Syndrome that said, "Down Right Awesome".  I think I'll be getting one of those made up for Luke for his 3rd birthday.....
He's a happy boy!  During his lifetime he will stand at the bottom of some walls he won't be able to climb.  He'll have some challenges that most of us have never had....
I wish him well, I hope he will be a free soul, a fearless dancer, a porch swinger and a fire fly chaser!  And that he will always blow kisses whenever anyone ask him for one !

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