Thursday, February 16, 2012

High School Play - She Loves Me - Starring Madison M

The main reason we made the trek to Mississippi last weekend was to see Madison perform in her high school play.  Her character was Ilona Ritter in SHE LOVES ME.  It was a cute play set in Budapest in the 1930's about two people who are always at odds with each other at work but are unaware that they are each other's secret pen pals. 
Madison had two solo songs in the play and I was mesmerized watching her.  She did so good.  The songs from the play are still in my head......
Especially the one that went "Thank you.....Madam.....please call call again..........Madam" where the cast members all did the same body movements with the chime.  I think in the picture below, Madison might be singing "I Resolve", a funny song about how she will leave her boyfriend and not be so brainless........
And I think her other solo was "A Trip To The Library".
Great job Madison !

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