Monday, March 23, 2009

Bichon Celebrates 10th Birthday

Today we celebrated Riley's 10th Birthday. The plan was to make an angel food cake with fat free cool whip and let him have a little bowl of it and get a helium filled balloon to tie on his collar to take a birthday picture with. Well, the balloon idea had to be nixed because the winds are howling at 30 to 40 mph today and I did not want to fight it in a parking lot !
I think I see double chins in the picture above ! ! !
The cake got made but was not very good. I only like Pillsbury's angel food cake mix but our local grocery store was out so I got another brand instead. It's just not the same. So instead, since the fat free cool whip container was almost empty, Riley got to lick the container clean and then get a beggin' strip.
Happy 10th birthday to Riley. Our poochickens, schnooker of a dew and ruler of the roost. May he have many more healthy birthdays to come !


  1. Happy Birthday, Riley!
    You are one cute little pooch!

  2. Oh is he just the cutest thing around!

    We have a bichon/poodle that is the love of our lives. Jake ruptured a disc in his back in Oct. and has been paralyzed ever since...even with the surgery. The vet told us he would put him to sleep but we just couldn't do it. Unfortunately, we don't have a dog now, we have a newborn! As much work as he is though, I wouldn't trade him for anything. They're such a part of our family aren't they!?!