Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Easter Rabbit Decor

Wishing for rabbit statues to decorate with for Easter. I really like the rabbit weathervane look but have never spent the money to buy one. Maybe this year I will. At an after Easter sale of course!
I've got a fat rabbit similar to this in my kitchen, but like this one they have placed in a bathroom.

The rabbit butler has always been a favorite of mine. I could not find a picture of my favorite style. It does not have the angel wings and stands up taller.

I like this little guy hiding in the potato vines.

These three little guys would be cute sitting among the flowers.

I would put this fat little guy in my kitchen sitting next to my sink in the window ledge so I could look at him every day. He is my favorite!

And this guy I would put outside in the flowers too or the raised garden I plan on building this Spring.

This one is a little whimsical. He needs some easter eggs sitting close by.

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  1. How much is the tabletop rabbit weathervane?