Friday, March 20, 2009

Homemade Burp Cloths, Baby Bibs & Toddler Bibs

I've had my sewing stuff spread all over the dining table for two weeks now. It takes me about that long to really get in the mood to be creative (I have to look at it for a while). Wednesday night I got three sets of baby bibs and burp cloths made. One set is pictured further down (the green with cherries). Above and below are pictures of some burp cloths I did a while back.
This is the only picture I have posted so far of a "baby" sized bib.
The next four pictures are toddler bibs I did last year to sell on Ebay. Toddler bibs are approximately 14 inches long. They are great for messy little ones learning to feed themselves. The bottom of the bib can be tucked under the tray of the highchair to protect more of their clothing.

From my "stock" I sewed up last year, I have maybe 20 or so toddler bibs remaining and would like to sell. If any of you are interested send me an email (link at top of my sidebar) and I'll let you know what the prices are etc. This weekend I'm going to sew up some of the smaller baby bibs and make up some burp cloths. Be sure to check my blog later for more pictures of what I'll get inspired to do!

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  1. Hi!! Let me start by saying that you do BEAUTIFUL work!!!! But I have to bring something to your attention! I am a "crafter" and sell my crafts/jewelry for profits, and am ALWAYS looking for ideas! I ran across this site below while searching for different "new" things I could do and found a picture that I recognized from the internet. This sparked my curiosity, so I investigated and have found that this lady is posting pictures that she finds online and posts them as her "own homemade" creations!!! A couple of your items are on this page that she is claiming to have made herself!!

    This upsets me for so many reasons! One, because I know that each item I create, I put a lot of work, love, care and attention into and it would down right upset me if someone was copying pictures I made and claiming to have done them herself!! So I have been busy emailing and contacting people such as yourself to make them aware of this person and what she is doing! If you click the link below, you will see where she has stolen pictures of your work and claimed them as her own!! One of the ladies that I notified even went so far as to confront her on the page itself!

    You do beautiful work and I just "Liked" your page!!! I can't wait to look through more of your items! But I did think you should know this was going on!!!!!! Thanks, Amber!!