Friday, September 4, 2009

Show Us Your Life Friday School Pictures

Kelly at Kelly's Korner Blog is having her weekly "Show Us Your Life Friday". Today's topic is School Pictures. This is my kindergarten picture. The year is 1966. Mom always cut my bangs really short !
This is first grade (1967), not liking this haircut so much:

Second grade (1968), not liking this haircut either:

Fourth grade (1970), check out the collar on this dress. Plastic headbands were popular!

Sixth grade picture (1972):

Ninth grade picture (1975). I smiled with my mouth closed until my senior picture. Mom and dad paid tons of money to get porcelain veneers put on my front teeth between 11th and 12th grades. I was very self conscious of my smile.

Tenth grade (1976):

Eleventh grade (1977):

And senior picture (1978) with new teeth!

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  1. Ah I like the timeline aspect! So what's not to like about the hair in the early years, it's cute!