Monday, September 7, 2009


I believe the spider population is out of control around my house this year. I've been knocking down spiderwebs from around my front door for weeks now. When I took Riley out for his morning walk today I felt like I was surrounded in spiders that were hiding in the trees and the grass.
This is the largest of the webs in my yard this morning. Reaching from the lowest branch in the tree to the ground.

There are dozens of these webs in the grass. I'm guessing they are spiderwebs too.

My raised garden bed is about done for the year for me, but not for the spiders. They are loving it!

I feel like the spiders are camped out around the perimeter of my house..............

and they are waiting............

for the perfect opportunity to invade. So as soon as this heavy fog burns off and it does not look so creepy outside, I will be getting out my "heavy duty" sized container of Ortho bug killer and spraying my house down......outside and inside.

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