Friday, October 16, 2009

Birthday Bowling

There is a place close to my home called Aaron's Fun Center. We wanted to go bowling on Aaron's birthday so it was decided that this would be the perfect place to go! It was our first visit there and we really liked it. After getting our shoes, we went and found our lane. We were assigned to Lane One, which was really nice because we only had other people on one side of us.
Aaron searched the ball racks to find me a ball with the lowest weight so I would not have too much weight pulling on my back. Such a good son!

Of course I had to take pictures of things that had the name "Aaron" on them. This was right next to our lane:

I got a strike my first time up to bowl, which was very exciting. Wish I could have made the luck hold out for the whole game!

I tried the entire time I was there to get a picture of the ball making contact with the pins. This was as close as I got:

Stephanie is grinning ear to ear, because she is in the lead!



Aaron enjoying his birthday bowling:

Stephanie jumping up in the air when she won the game............(silly girl)

Me and Stephanie:

Me and Aaron:

Stephanie taking a picture of her and Aaron:


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