Friday, October 16, 2009

Chiefs Cowboys Game Arrowhead Stadium

For Aaron's birthday, we went to the Chiefs/Cowboys game at Arrowhead Stadium. This was our first time to tailgate and of course we had decided to try this on one of the coldest days of the month. We were all shivering, but did get the fire going after a few attempts.
We were all hungry, so while waiting on the coals to get hot and then waiting for the hot dogs and hamburgers to cook; we snacked on Doritos and almost frozen potato salad.
Katie kept a big grin on her face while eating frozen potato salad:

Stephanie spooned out some for herself too:

Finally the dogs and burgers were done and everyone had a couple of minutes to eat before having to pack it all back in the car before heading into the stadium.

We grabbed a girl in the parking lot to take our picture: Getting it documented on film that Katie helped put the chairs away!!!!!

Stephanie and I modeling our Aikman and Smith jerseys from the 90's.

Walking towards the stadium. We were parked in the back parking lot:

Dallas Cowboys on the sidelines:

Game picture:

View of the packed stadium:

View of the other side of the stadium:

Candid shot of Doug, Aaron, Stephanie and Katie:

Katie taking a picture of me and her:

Me taking a picture of Doug and Aaron:

Katie taking a picture of her and Stephanie:

Silly self portraits:

One of the many Chiefs themed vehicles in the parking lot

It was a good game, Chiefs fans thought they had the game won, but our Cowboys came back and beat the Chiefs in overtime ! !

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