Monday, June 28, 2010

Baby Girl Quilt Completed

I finished my baby girl circle quilt over the weekend.  The picture above is how I started it.  I had bought some coordinating fabrics off of Ebay last  year and held on to them waiting for the perfect quilt idea to come to me.  I found it earlier this month and started working on my ideas a couple of weeks ago.  I cut circles out of fabric and wonder-under.  I also had a stack of white sheets that I wanted to use up too.
I debated over randomly scattering the circles over the quilt top or keeping it more organized......

I decided to go with the rows.  I had a little bit of two different thicknesses of the wonder-under in my sewing closet that I used.  After the quilt was completed, I wished I would have spent the money to buy extra of just one of them.  Because now you can feel the difference in the two types.  Ugh!  I'm hoping after a few more washings, the stiffer circles will soften up.
And here is the finished quilt........lots of time spent doing the free motion quilting.  I love this technique!
I even have circles left over where I can make another one!