Thursday, July 1, 2010

John Anderson Park Sprayground

Yesterday, Katie and I took Sheila and her family to the new John Anderson Park Sprayground.  It was my first encounter with a sprayground.  It was fun and I wished I could have gotten in the water with the kids!  The boys were not too sure of all it.  I think they were hoping for a swimming pool instead.  They did not care much for the water spraying or dumping on them!
They did like the whole ship and pirate theme that was going on with the sound effects of the sea gulls and the fog horns!

But Lyndsay and Briana really enjoyed it.  Lyndsay was the bravest one of all.  She LOVED standing under the water buckets.  And the best part of all (at least for the adults) was that it is free!  Totally free!  Remember to pack cold drinks, we forgot and it was rather hot!

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