Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Oh How She Sparkles And Oh How She Shines

My mother-in-law is having a super blessed day for September 1, 2010.  She is at war with pancreatic cancer.  Today the oncologists did a scan to see how things are looking.  The news was good, the tumor is smaller than her last scan (which was also her first scan).  Things are going in the right direction.  She's got her sparkle and shine working for her today.  And I'm sure this man has a tear in his eye...
as everyone in her family does!  So Patricia Ann, Mom, Grandma, Grammy, Teacher Pat, Ms. you need to celebrate.  I hope you are able to go to your favorite Mexican restaurant or to Sammy Walker's Bar-B-Que in Rowlett Texas with your in-town family and friends and have a nice meal on this blessed day and then take a long nap!  Love you!

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