Thursday, November 11, 2010

Honoring Veterens Day, Proud To Be An American

Today is a day that is set aside to honor Veterans.  Those who served our country to protect us.  My dad (above) was is the Air Force.  He worked on fighter engines and suffered hearing loss as a result.  He was honorably discharged from service.  My uncle was also in the Air Force and served as a supply Sargent in the Vietnam War.  He also parachuted into hostile territories to set up radar equipment. 

Below is my sister-in-law's husband, John.......
He is a retired Captain in the Marines.  He served his country as a helicopter pilot.  John has a "special shelf" at grandma's house displaying all his achievements.  We are all very proud of how he has served his country.
  This next picture is Neil (with Grandma), he is currently a pilot in the Air Force..........
We don't get to hear much about his assignments.
Grandma keeps military photos on display in her living room.....
Top shelf:  Grandad Henry, Uncle Bob, Pappaw, Uncle Billy, Uncle Joe & Uncle Larry
Bottom shelf:  Uncle John, Neil, Kurt, Heather & Andrew

Stand up proud and don't forget the men who died for you and me 

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