Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Story Of A Charm Necklace

Some material possessions in life are so special that they need a story recorded about them.  This is a story of a charm necklace.    A charm necklace that sparkles when the light hits it.  Or maybe it just sparkles because of who is wearing it.  Back in 1995, Grandma S had seen these necklaces and wanted one of her own.  Her sister, Betty, heard about the wish and took the steps to make the wish come true.  Since then, several charms have been added for grandchildren and a whole row has been added for the great grandchildren.  For the grandchildren, triangles represent the girls and ovals for the boys.  Each charm has the birthstone of the child.  The great grandchildren have shoe charms.  Grandma wears this necklace most of the time and it always adorns her for special occasions.  She also has a birthstone ring that represents her five children. 

Below is the video of Grandma opening her necklace.  In 1995 I recorded it on VCR, so last night I had to play the tape and use my digital camera to record it for this post!  Someday I will have to get my VCR tapes recorded to DVDs!

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