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Patricia Ann Testimonies Part 4

Patricia Ann testimonies part 4.

In this blog and ones to follow (as I have time), I want to share the testimonies from other family members. I want to get them documented in writing so those that were not able to attend the service can read the beautiful tributes to our Patricia, mom, grandma and grammy.

The following was read by Scott at the memorial and written by his mother, Judy:

Dear Mom...

I read an article the other day that talked about what people think about when they contemplate the life they have lived.

What seems to matter most to people are the answers to three questions:

First question people ask is: Did I love?

Anyone who knows you would know that you have lived your life surrounded by and consumed with love. You loved your family: I so enjoyed listening to your stories of Grandad and Grandma Henry; of your days growing up on the farm with your brother and sisters, and marrying Dad and what your life was like as you had your babies. The first time I met you I feel in love with were so kind, generous, and loving. You accepted me and all of the other "in-laws" as one of your own, and we have been blessed because of it.

Your heart also had room for so many others; the foster children who needed you so much; the children in your day care; the hundreds of pre-school children who knew you as Teacher Pat; the babies you taught in Sunday School-many of whom now have babies of their own who know you and love you too, and the many friends who love you and are blessed to have been loved by you.

The Second question is: Did I live?

How did you live? With sincerity, with dignity, with humor, and with a deep sense of respect and caring for others and probably most notably ....with a sacrificial heart for giving all you had to those around you. The other night while lying with you in your bed we were looking at a photo collage of pictures taken of the family at Christmas time and Dad mentioned you could have been anything you wanted to be; an woman...yet all you ever wanted was to be a godly Christian wife and mother. Yes, you lived a life that serves as an example of what it means to live a life of purpose, of meaning, and of passion.

The Third question: Did I matter?

I think what all of us really want to know is,"Did my life make a difference?" I'm sure you know you matter to so many, yet it's often difficult to know unless we tell you just how much you matter to us. Where would I be without your influence? You taught me how to rock my babies; make a pie crust; and sew a superman cape; but most of all you helped me understand the importance of making the most of each moment while my babies were young; and you modeled a servant's heart with patience and grace that I so desparately want to emulate.

During these past few months, many have shared with me how you have impacted their lives. It appears to be the the simple things and memories we cherish the you loved us, how you helped us, and how you treated others; We remember the trips to Vegas and how you always won at the penny slots, how you hear a baby gurgle and you insist they said "I love you" or "grandma" or "Teacher Pat" ...and we'll never forget your fried chicken and mashed potatoes or the sound of your sweet laughter when we made fun of Kathy...which is so easy to do...but none of these sweet memories compares to the way you make us feel; you had the unique ability to make us feel like we were the special ones; we felt important, pretty, handsome, capable, smarter, funnier and best of all, loved unconditionally.

Mom...I love you, and I want you to know how honored, privileged and blessed I have been to call you "Mom."

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