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Patricia Ann Testimonies Part 7

Patricia Ann testimonies part 7

In this blog and ones to follow (as I have time), I want to share the testimonies from other family members. I want to get them documented in writing so those that were not able to attend the service can read the beautiful tributes to our Patricia, mom, grandma and grammy.

From Scott.....

What can I say about my grandma when the memories are just to plentiful.  She was the best grandma a child could ask for.  These are a few things she's taught me.  I can never be too busy to not spend time with family.  Proof of that is my grandmother.  There was never a time she was too busy or let her plans interfere with her time with me or her children.  She had an open schedule when her children were involved.  Whatever she was doing, I could be apart.  If she was watching kids and I stopped by, I had a baby in my arms.  If she wanted to go walk with Peggy at the track, I went with her.  She never turned down a chance to be with around children.  They were her life.  I never heard the phrase from my grandmother, "I just need some time to myself" or "I need some alone time", it never came out of her lips.  The
care and love provided to my grandfather and her children by my grandmother is truly inspiring and should be imitated.  She was a care giving expert.  Any given day she would be babysitting any number of children, while hosting her grandchildren, and tending to her husband all without a complaint or wanting anything in return.  Instead of a "what have you done for me lately" kind of person she was a "what can I do for you now" type.  Attending to the needs of the ones I love can be performed in that same manner as my grandmother.  My grandmother is proof that it can be done.  My grandmother and grandfather are a great example of a pure, loving relationship that should be emulated.  There entire beings were devoted to each other.  They shared so much love and respect for each other and always uplifted one another with great affection.  They even argued with such tenderness and sweetness.  One can never doubt their admiration for one another.  For me, it is their relationship that sets the standard.  My grandmother has proven that children and the love of children is beautiful and full of blessings.  She instilled in me a love and knowledge of children that will carry with me for the rest of my life.  A good friend of mine expresses to me her worries, that her two kids drive me crazy when I watch them, or that they might be too much for me to handle.  I remind her every time that I was taught by the best, my grandmother.  Everybody here is a testament to her memory in that regard.  In many ways she was a mother to all us.  And lastly, my cousin Sheila, has spoken of the glow in my grandmother's eye.  She radiated happiness and love, that is her essence and she carried it with her for all of her life regardless of her circumstances.  She had the ability to make you feel valued and loved with just a glance.  She was as pure  a soul as they came.  Her last words to me were this....I came over to the house, I asked her how she was doing and she replied "much better now that you are here".  With gratitude and thankfulness and love I remember my grandmother and I know how much better I was when she was here with me.  Scott

I'm the other son-in-law, the one that didn't make the wall, and the one that pappaw is still paying to take Lulu off his hands and the one that won the bet from all the brothers that it wouldn't last very long.  Twenty-three wonderful years with that woman, she's got a little bit of her mother in her, I'll just tell you that.   This is my son, Seth, and he has something that he wants to read for his mother and then I've got something.
We know where love is.  Pat always made you feel safe and loved.  She put her love into everything she did.  All the meals she prepared, all the dresses and clothes she sewed, all the blankets she made.  She always loved, always forgave and always welcomed.  She lived love, she showed love in her actions.
There was not a time that you did not see grandma doing something for someone else.  If she wasn't sewing a blanket or a Christmas outfit for one of my kids she was making me a golf blanket because I made a statement that I did not have a blanket.  This is the most unselfish person I have ever known or been around.  Some people talk about it, talk about helping others, she lived it, each and everyday that she was alive.  Yes we are all going to miss her.  But I bet most of us have an item that she made, somewhere in the house keeping us or our children warm at night or that superman cape.  That is a blessing in itself also.  Grandma, we'll miss you and we love you so much and we are so glad that you were here.

I will always remember the day you passed away 
Although I loved you dearly, I couldn't make you stay
A golden heart stopped beating, kind loving hands at rest
God broke my heart to prove to me, he only takes the best

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